Nano silver 1000 ppm for prevention and treatment of fish diseases

Nano silver mixed to eat for Shutchi catfish

Nano silver mixed to eat for Shutchi catfish

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  1. USES
  • Silver nano kills most bacteria, fungi, inhibits viruses.
  • Disinfect and kill bacteria, free viruses, fungi, algae from farming ponds.
  • Mix with food to help treat intestinal diseases, liver, kidney, intestinal bleeding, help fish eat healthy

=> Increase resistance and feed conversion rate

=> Stimulates growth, rapid growth.

  • Periodic use of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) strengthens the immune system for fish and shrimp, and limits disease effects.
  • Safe for people and animals.
  • Water disinfection
    • Disease prevention: 1 liter of nano silver 1000 ppm splashed with 3000-4000 m3 of water (periodically every 7- 10 days)

After splashing AgNPs for 30 minutes, splashing another 4 liters of H2O2 50% for 3000-4000 m3 to increase the photochemical catalytic ability of nano silver helps nano silver to better kill bacteria, free viruses, fungi, algae, and at the same time Supply more oxygen to the pond.

    • In case of epidemic disease: 1 liter of nano silver 1000 ppm thrown for 1500-2000 m3 (Up to 3 times, 2 days apart)

After throwing nano silver for 30 minutes, add 4 liters of H2O2 50% for 1000-2000 m3

Thời gian tạt: sáng sớm (8:00 -9:00h) hoặc tối (20:00h)

AgNPs have been applied in aquaculture in Vietnam since 2010. The dose of 1 liter 1000 ppm water is used for about 3000-4000 m3 of water, even some companies splash for 5000 m3. However, when using independent silver nanoparticles to splash water, the efficiency of AgNPs is not really clear, and at the same time, the price of AgNPs in 2010 is high so it cannot be developed. Not poor quality products but inappropriate usage.
If not used in combination with H2O2 for a clearer effect when splashing water, NanoCMM recommends that customers only use nano silver by mixing sugar for disease prevention and treatment.


  • Mix to feed
    • Disease prevention: nano silver 5 ml / 1 kg of feed (periodically 3-4 days / week)
    • Treatment: 10 ml / kg of feed ( within 3 days). After the fish eat normally, return to the content of preventive AgNPs (5ml / kg feed).


Note: Mix the product in clean water, mix well with the food, then let the food dry for 10-15 minutes before feeding.
After 24 hours, supplementing with probiotics to regenerate the intestinal microflora to increase the absorption of nutrients.


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