Nano silver treatment of stem cracking, pus discharge on jackfruit, durian and citrus trees

The disease is draining pus on the jackfruit tree

Stump cracking, pus discharge is a common disease on jackfruit trees, durian trees and citrus trees, tangerines, and grapefruit …The disease that causes pus damage mainly in the base and stem, causing the bark to peel off seriously, causing Plants do not absorb water and put nutrients on top. If left long enough, the tree will become yellow, leaves root rot and gradually die, causing economic loss for farmers. Nano silver is a human-safe bactericidal, fungicidal and viral agent that will not damage the soil environment will be a worthwhile option for treating jackfruit, durian and some plants. citrus.


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The cause of the disease is cracked stem, purulent discharge
The main cause of the disease is the fungus Phytophthora. Plants lacking calcium cause cracking on the bark and pods when the temperature changes suddenly due to the sun and rain, creating conditions for Phytophthora fungi to easily penetrate and cause latex disease.
The source of the disease
  • Phytophthora fungi exist in the soil environment and can adapt under unfavorable conditions thanks to the cell wall is cellulose.
  • Seedlings infected with fungus during grafting stage, causing disease to mother plants
Symptoms of purulent stem fracture disease caused by Phytophthora
  • The leaves of the infected plant are no longer shiny and turn yellow, then fall off each branch or side of the plant, the lower root system rot.
  • There are signs of plastic discharge on the bark surface, wet spots and brown sap, fungi often attack around the base and branches of jackfruit trees, durian trees.
  • Shaving the martial arts layer on the body will see that this wood has dark brown lines running down the trunk. Severely diseased plants do not grow and die gradually.
  • On the leaves: the first lesion is small black brown spots on the leaf surface and spread very quickly, after 2 days the leaves turn brown and the fungal spores spread to the surrounding leaves, the rain and strong wind will create conditions. canopy the whole garden.
  • Shave off the black dead skin and rot in the affected area (do not shave deeply into the core because it takes a long time for the tree to regenerate the core). After scraping, phase nano silver with a dose of 100 ml nano silver 1000 ppm with 2 liters of water. Use a brush to apply medicine directly to the scraping area to destroy the fungal pathogens.
  • Combined watering and foliar spray 100 ml of nano silver 1000 ppm diluted with 10 liters of water. Each plant is watered about 1.5L – 2L and wet spraying the leaves
Especially, Silver Nano is safe for the growth of plants. Not harmful to human health and soil environment.
  • Disease prevention for plants from inception by using root irrigation and foliar sprays (1 liter nano silver 1000 ppm mixed with 150L of water)
  • Apply nano silver on stalks during rainy season to prevent fungus from growing and pathogenic (100 ml mixed with 2 L water)
  • Adequately supplement the plant with nutrients to make the plant more resistant to disease. Especially calcium, when the plant has enough calcium, the bark is not cracked, which also helps prevent Phytophthora fungus from invading.
  • Cultivation: Choose dry, dry, well-ventilated areas for planting.
  • Planting trees with appropriate density, creating ventilation for the garden to shine in.
  • Fertilizing plants with adequate amount of manure, before fertilizing, should be composted and should add bio-products to fertilize.

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