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Nano silver disinfects homes, offices and disinfects swimming pools

Swimming pool using nano silver

NANOCMM TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Silver has been used to treat medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Nano silver range in size from 1 to 100 nm. They have a relatively large surface area, increase the possibility of contact with bacteria or fungi, and greatly improve its bactericidal and […]

Nano silver – Disinfectant for drinking water to replace traditional chemicals (WHO data)

Nano silver disinfects drinking water

(NanoCMM Technology) NANO SILVER URBAN WATER TREATMENT The effectiveness of silver ions (silver ions) (generated from silver salts [silver nitrate, silver chloride (AgCl)] or produced by electrolysis) was tested against a variety of bacteria; Inactivation was mainly assessed by a log10 reduction in bacterial counts. Initial bacterial concentrations ranged from 3.5 cells/mL to 1.5 x […]

Nano zinc oxide stimulates growth, increases immunity and disease resistance in catfish

Nano zinc oxide stimulates growth, increases resistance and disease resistance in catfish

Zinc (Zn) is an important trace element in fish diets, essential for growth, immunity and antioxidant defense mechanisms. The present study evaluated the effects of both organic zinc oxide and nano zinc oxide (ZnO and ZnO-NPs, respectively) on growth performance, immune response and antibacterial effects against Pseudomonas aerugino s a in African catfish Clarias gariepinus […]

Nano zinc oxide is used to remove phosphate in wastewater

Wastewater treatment system of Lam Thao Fertilizer and Chemical factory - Nano zinc oxide for phosphate treatment

In this study, we aim to synthesize nano zinc oxide(ZnO NP) and apply it to remove phosphate in aqueous solution. Chemically prepared ZnO materials are a simple and effective method for large-scale production of ZnO at the nanoscale. The surface properties and material structure of zinc oxide nanoparticles were determined through the use of scanning […]

Nano silver in minimizing hospital acquired infection syndrome (HAI)

Nano silver in minimizing hospital acquired infection syndrome (HAI)

Current challenges in the biomedical field are the organism’s antibiotic resistance, product development processes and its utility in terms of toxicity, healing duration and adverse effects on human cells. . In addition, detecting infections that cause non-bacterial pathogens, monitoring infection control and preventing nosocomial infections are key tasks for the scientific community [30]. HAIs are […]

Nano silver is used in growing and preserving decorative flowers for Tet holidays

Nano silver to preserve lay flowers on New Year's Day

(Copyright by NanoCMM Technology) Nanotechnology, which is one of the most promising scientific fields, offers limitless possibilities of developing many fields, including agriculture and horticulture. Silver nanomaterials are one of the nanomaterials whose effects on plants are being studied today. Numerous experiments conducted by scientists have evaluated the use of silver nanoparticles as a regulator […]

Nano silver 1000 ppm for prevention and treatment of fish diseases

Nano silver mixed to eat for Shutchi catfish

(Copyright NanoCMM Technology) USES Silver nano kills most bacteria, fungi, inhibits viruses. Disinfect and kill bacteria, free viruses, fungi, algae from farming ponds. Mix with food to help treat intestinal diseases, liver, kidney, intestinal bleeding, help fish eat healthy => Increase resistance and feed conversion rate => Stimulates growth, rapid growth. Periodic use of silver […]

Nano silver treatment of stem cracking, pus discharge on jackfruit, durian and citrus trees

The disease is draining pus on the jackfruit tree

Stump cracking, pus discharge is a common disease on jackfruit trees, durian trees and citrus trees, tangerines, and grapefruit …The disease that causes pus damage mainly in the base and stem, causing the bark to peel off seriously, causing Plants do not absorb water and put nutrients on top. If left long enough, the tree […]

Nano silver has wound healing and catalytic properties

Nano bạc làm lành vết thương hở nhờ khả năng tạo màng sinh học

(Copyright by NanoCMM Technology) Wound healing properties Nano silver are synthesized in the network of peptide fibers using ultraviolet irradiation that inhibits the growth of microorganisms of E. coli, P. aeruginosa and S. aureus. Hydrogen-containing AgNPs on HDFa cells did not show any significant effects on cell viability [145]. “AgNPs hydrogel” derived from “Arnebia nobilis” […]

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