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Coloidal silver is used to prevent African swine fever

Coloidal silver prevents African swine fever ASF

Overview of African Swine Fever (ASF) ASF is an acute, highly fatal infectious disease in pigs caused by a large enveloped DNA virus of the Asfarviridae family. Symptoms include high fever, leukopenia, bleeding under the skin and death. There is no effective vaccine or treatment for ASF, leading to severe economic losses in the swine […]

Coloidal silver deodorizes and treats skin wounds for pets

Coloidal silver for pets

NANOCMM TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION Silver has been used to treat medical conditions for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Coloidal silver range in size from 1-100 nm. They have a relatively large surface area, increasing the possibility of contact with bacteria or fungi and greatly improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness. […]

Israeli nano silver and nano zinc coated mask against Delta variant 99.95%

Commercial nanosilver mask

Israeli mask maker Sonovia has published a report from Italy’s leading textile testing laboratory showing that its fabric removes COVID-19 Delta variant particles with more than 99.95 efficiency. %. Upon the announcement of the results, the company’s shares jumped by nearly 30%, the company’s founder Shuki Hershcovich told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday during a […]

Nano silver – Disinfectant alternative to Chloramine B

Disinfectant spray

1.      Chloramine B. Chloramine B is a common antibacterial agent used to disinfect surfaces, water and air. Some information about Chloramine B IUPAC name: sodium benzene sulfonyl (chlorine) azanide. Other name: Sodium N-chlorobenzenesulfonamide Molecular formula: C6H5ClNNaO2S Color: White powder Odor: smell of chlorine Molecular Weight: 213.62 Melting point: 170-173°C Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, sparingly […]

Instructions for using nano silver 1000 ppm for orchid disease prevention and treatment

Nano bạc trong nông nghiệp

Nanotechnology offers new agrochemical agents and new delivery mechanisms to improve crop yields, and it holds promise for reducing pesticide applications. Silver nanoparticles have received considerable attention as an insecticide for agricultural applications in the past few years. This is quite relevant as more and more pests are showing resistance to chemical pesticides. Nanosilver would […]

Nano silver disinfects, disinfects barns and livestock tools

Nano silver disinfects and disinfects barns and livestock equipment

CÔNG NGHỆ NANO BẠC Livestock is an agricultural industry that involves animals as a source of meat, fiber, milk, eggs, or other foods. During the regular activity of the animal, there is a possibility of infection caused by various pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary to expand healthy animals with fresh and better food products. […]

Nano silver for disease prevention applications for livestock, poultry and aquaculture

nano bạc ứng dụng trong chăn nuôi

Nanomaterials revealed. The material is said to be a nano silver – based disinfectant and a preventive agent for poultry, livestock and aquatic products. This material contains nano silver and purified water, which can be used as a surface disinfectant, water disinfectant and treatment material for poultry, livestock and aquatic diseases caused by bacterial viruses, […]

Using nano silver in toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay

nano silver toothpaste

Two researchers independently performed a literature search for English-language publications using the Embase, Medline, PubMed, and Scopus databases. The keywords nano silver used were (silver nanoparticles or AgNPs or nano silver or nano-silver) and (cavity or remineralization). They screened titles and abstracts to identify potentially eligible publications. They then retrieved the full text of the […]

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